All Schools Day

Every year in May, 40,000 people flock to McPherson, Kansas to be entertained at a 100 year old tradition. If you love a parade, this is the place to be on Friday, May 13, at 10:30 am.

A tradition since 1914, All Schools Day has grown into one of the largest annual celebrations in Kansas. Education is so important in McPherson County that a special day is set aside each year to honor graduates from eighth grade, high school and college. 

Jillian Carroll of Good Day Kansas visits Trent Ruxlow, 2022 All Schools Day Chairman, to learn more about this McPherson County festival with a parade that draws more than 40,000 people!

“(Our theme) this year is ‘celebration of champions.’ We’re trying to celebrate our community. We actually haven’t had the parade for the past two (years). We’re trying to be very optimistic about our future, establish some new traditions going forward, but also celebrate the traditions of the past.”  

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