When It’s Time to Consider Career Possibilities, GO McPherson!

You have heard by now that McPherson County has strong Industrial employers and great paying career options, click here if you missed it.

McPherson County has a competitive advantage in Industry.  The location quotient or the degree to which MP County is specialized or concentrated in Industrial related businesses is 2.94%; anything over 1.25% shows the area has a competitive advantage. To give you a better idea of McPherson County’s Industrial power we can compare our LQ to that of the State (1.31) and the US (1.00).   MP County’s highest competitive advantages are in these industries: Pharmaceutical, Coal/Oil/Power, Chemical, Machinery Manufacturing/Re-manufacturing and Agriculture).

In the last ten years McPherson County’s industrial employers have added roughly 870  great paying career opportunities to our economy.   In 2015 and 2016 there were two significant expansion projects announced by Viega, LLC, and Pfizer that together will contribute over 200 jobs in the next couple years to MP County’s economy. Learn more about one of those expansions and how to apply here.  To add to that, we expect at least two more expansion announcements before the beginning of the year!

The McPherson Industrial Development Company, the McPherson’s contracted agent to handle the city’s business retention/expansion and business recruitment programs, is currently conducting their 2016 industrial business survey.  So far, of those businesses who have announced recent expansions, the competitive electrical rates, central location and McPherson County’s very pro- business environment have been cited as factors which have contributed to their ability to grow.  In fact, many who are growing say they could grow more, but are choosing to do so at a more conservative rate due to MP’s low unemployment rate (currently at 2.8 %).   Knowing that a low unemployment rate in our region has held some employers back from growing at the rate they could, McPherson Industrial Development Company (MIDC), has funded GoMcPherson Initiative: whose goal is to help grow the population of MP County.  Besides helping make the transition easier for someone relocating to McPherson, Go McPherson provides a variety of services to promote employer job opportunities.

So, Job seekers, what are you waiting for???  It’s an employee’s market, and as you have learned working in MP County has BIG perks.  MP county employers pay close to 26% more than the surrounding area.

To learn more about McPherson County’s fantastic job opportunities, click here!