Looking for a place to start or build your career? Look no further than McPherson County!

McPherson and the surrounding County are known for their prosperity, strong employers, and great paying career opportunities. According to the 2015 Kansas’ DOL labor wage study, McPherson County’s wages were over 25% higher than the region and still 22% higher when you included Sedgwick County.   It’s no wonder that McPherson has been and continues to be a net importer of labor.  According to ESRI as of 1st quarter 2016, the City of McPherson had 16,882 jobs with a population of around 14,000.   There are more than 900 businesses registered  in McPherson County; over 50 of those businesses are employers in the manufacturing industry.  There are over 4300 manufacturing jobs in McPherson County.  You may wonder why we point that out; and here is the reason you should consider a career in manufacturing: Manufacturing Employees Earn More!

In 2015, the U.S Department of Commerce issued a report on the earnings of new hires in manufacturing, which documents how much better the earnings of new hires are in manufacturing compared to the alternatives.  We can see this fact played out in McPherson County.  McPherson’s concentration of industrial employers has helped our County to Prosper.  The stability, wages, and benefits provide by these employers have continued to create wealth for our County and have helped other suppliers and retailer succeed as well.

So, we know that earnings are better in manufacturing; but what does it take to get hired? 

A skilled job in an industrial career can begin from earning an operator’s certificate from a local community college.  Many new hires report finding a job during their first year of coursework, and most community/ technical colleges report having more jobs posted on their career boards than they have students to fill them.

CNC operators, setup operators, grinders, quality control, process engineers, engineering technicians, and supervisors are just a few of the job titles that would be available to grow into as part of a career in manufacturing.  Some people move from the production floor to the office in roles like purchasing, estimating, IT or CAD work.  Usually, the best candidates for a company’s office roles have a background in that company’s production process.

Once someone lands the job, there are many opportunities to further one’s skills and education as additional training opportunities are widely available. Supplemental training through on the job programs and tuition reimbursement for continuing education are just a few options employers might offer employees who want to grow their skills and career with the company.

An industrial career offers challenging and worthwhile work using the latest technologies. You’ll also be involved with making in demand and essential products: pharmaceuticals, engine parts, irrigation and water pipes, siding for housing, equipment for other manufacturers and so on.

To learn more about McPherson County’s fantastic job opportunities, be sure to check out the careers page on GoMcPherson.com