• Persons who purchase or build an occupancy-ready, new construction home in Inman may apply for rebate of the City’s portion (currently 42%) of property taxes for the following 5 years. Rebates will be paid on or about July 1 of the year following the year the owner acquired the property, and July 1 of subsequent years.
  • Special assessments are not included in the rebated taxes.
  • Property owners must remain current on their property and special assessment taxes throughout the rebate period, paying when due.
  • Property owners agree to refrain from filing any valuation appeals or requests for refund of any portions of payments for property taxes for which rebate payments have been made by the City.
  • If the property is sold by the owner/homebuilder or the home ceases to be occupied by the owner within the agreement period, the owner/homebuilder recognizes that the agreement is non-transferrable and will terminate.
  • The owner/homebuilder agrees to comply with all building permits, codes, rules and regulations in effect in the City with respect to the property throughout the rebate period.
  • Applications must be made with the City by March 14, 2014.