Go McPherson, Inc. represents a collaboration between the McPherson Chamber of Commerce, the McPherson Industrial Development Company, McPherson U.S.D. 418, Hutchinson Community College, McPherson College and several large employers, including Viega LLC and Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company. Go McPherson was formed in 2006 to address various workforce development issues, including the marketing of McPherson and workforce recruiting. Following extensive employee and employer surveys in 2007, a Marketing Plan was developed in 2008 that has several phases, the first of which was the creation of the new landing page for McPherson. Go McPherson, Inc. was formally incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2009.

For additional information, contact:

Gary Hess, President of Go McPherson, Inc.
Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Brett Reber, President of MIDC
Attorney with Wise and Reber

Jennifer Burch
Executive Director of McPherson Chamber of Commerce