Plastics Extrusion Machinery (PEM)


“McPherson is a community that really relishes having state of the art manufacturing facilities within it. They actually go out of their way to pave the way for new business here in McPherson.”

PEM (Plastics Extrusion Machinery) is glad to call McPherson home, not only for the business benefits, but for the personal, quality of life benefits as well.

“McPherson is a town where there’s just a lot of really neat things to do. There’s a lot of great families. There are tons of churches. There’s the community center, the Mcpherson Museum, there’s the opera house in town…there’s a lot of things that really welcome people to the community. It goes far beyond just business. It’s a great place to live as well.”

Check out this video to learn more about PEM, and to find out more about the benefits of living and working McPherson County, download our living guide!