E-Community Loans


KASI MORALES, GO MCPHERSON: Kasi Morales with Go McPherson. McPherson is fortunate to have an E-Community loan program.

JENNIFER BURCH, MCPHERSON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: First, businesses need to work with their banks to get at least 40% of their financing in place, and then they can come to us and we can help them with the other 60%, up to $75,000. Our loan portfolio is $1.4 million, which means we have loaned out that money. The project value is $7.9 million, which also created 272 jobs.

RICK BODENHAMER, RENDEZVOUS ADVENTURE OUTFITTERS: We received an E-Community loan through the Chamber of Commerce, and it was a very simple process. It really probably made the difference on whether or not we could start a new business.

MORGAN STUPKA, STUPKA CHIROPRACTIC: The E-Community loan has definitely helped Brandon and I get our business going. We both came out of school with a lot of student loans, so this is a great, no interest payment. The Chamber is really easy to work with.

SHANE BURGE, BUY SUPPS: The E-Community loan allowed us to not have to invest as much of our own capital in order to get the business started. The support structure is there, there’s plenty of help.


Learn more about E-Community loans at McPhersonChamber.org.