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McPherson, the County Seat of McPherson County


Civic Pride

McPherson is proud of being recognized by various authors and publications as one of the best small towns in the United States. That type of recognition comes as the result of extraordinary civic pride in our community combined with continual and consistent hard work by our residents, city leaders and corporate partners in doing the right thing.

There are more than 25 well-attended churches and religious organizations in McPherson covering a broad spectrum of denominations and faiths, and offering programs for children, youth, young adults, singles, couples, seniors and the community at large.

Whether it is riding bikes down well-maintained streets, walking to school or playing in the local parks, McPherson is considered to be a very safe town. Consistently ranked in the lower third of crime statistics for the State of Kansas (and considerably lower than national averages), McPherson offers excellent police, fire and emergency services as well as neighbors and residents that care and watch out for one another.

McPherson has enjoyed a much-deserved reputation as a clean, well-kept and attractive community. As you drive through McPherson, you can’t help noticing that everything is well-maintained, including the meticulous parks, the downtown business district, the schools, the city buildings and facilities, the athletic fields and the eye-catching neighborhoods.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community as a volunteer, through churches, youth sports and activities, charitable organizations, service organizations, clubs, school groups, Chamber of Commerce, and various advisory groups. Your participation is encouraged and welcomed in McPherson!

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